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Sonic Universe is the sequel for Ultra Blitz Sonic Advanced and it's a very enhanced modification for the BlitzSonic engine, Made by SonicDBZFan07 and was first released late 2014 for Windows Operating System .

Gameplay Edit

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Player can choose one of 12 Different Characters and like many sonic game Player will have to go forward in the Highest speed possible to reach the Goal Ring,at the first time in Single Player mode the Player will start in HUB World where he can go to any of the stages available in the game Player must also collect as many emblems as he can to unlock other skills like Bounce attack from Creem's shop at HUB World or he can Ride Tails's Plane if he was Tails ..

Characters Edit

Sonic Universe features 12 Playable characters,each one has it's unique style and abilities like Sonic can boost or do the Lightspeed dash .

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Hidden CharactersEdit

The following Characters are hidden characters in game :

  • Classic Sonic (untextured)
  • Egg Pawn
  • Sonic Carrying Amy
  • Mario (Beta only)


Sonic Universe is filled with different Action Stages accessible from Stage select Menu,or from HUB World :

  • Mecha Hill
  • Snowy Ride
  • Snowy Hill
  • Aqua Ruins
  • Purple Temple
  • Emerald City Streets
  • Emerald City Roofs
  • Tropical Island
  • Ruined City
  • Desertic Base
  • Final Rush
  • Metal Harbor
  • Seaside Hill
  • Emerald Coast
  • Dimension X
  • Windy Hill

Multiplayer Edit


Another feature of Sonic Universe is the Online multiplayer mode,where Player can play with any character he/she wants with 2 Friends in a server and Race to the Finish or Play co-op,Flying characters can grab other players in the Stage and fly them anywhere ..

Features Edit

Sonic Universe enhanced the Blitz Sonic Engine in different sides

  • Visual Enhancements like Motion Blur
  • Online Multiplayer mode with 3 Players support
  • Unlockable skills
  • Over 50 new Objects
  • Trickhoop for in-air Tricks
  • Customizations
  • Quick side-step
  • Well implemented camera system, to Allow 2D Parts

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