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Our BlitzSonic Game is an old Community created by "randomxfirerecording", The community has slowly gained popularity among BlitzSonic fans unitl the Creator of the boards left back in 2013 .

The Rise Edit

Our BlitzSonic Game is famous for being the First BlitzSonic community created back in 2011 where Many famous Projects such as Sonic BGE Anniversary has grown up , Many people who joined the Boards received helpful guides, tricks and Basic tutorials, Some even contributed by Posting their own Tutorials and Modifications.

The Fall Edit

The community however didn't leave till 2014 when the forums slowly lost Popularity and activity as Most of member left to care about their own interests or even Create other websites specifically for their own Modifications , The community is still seeing activity till today, However very low that it looks dead .

Our BlitzSonic Game despite the fact that it was a simple Free-made Message boards site with no rules was so popular and useful to Receive guides and help on BlitzSonic works , It has been left behind with no way to Moderate it .

Boards Edit

  • Introduce Yourself - Usually used by new members to introduce theirselves .
  • Information - Where registered users are allowed to post News about their upcoming games .
  • Characters - For users to share the Custom characters they made .
  • Stages - For users to share the Custom stages they made .
  • Miscellaneous - Everything else about Customizations that doesn't have it's own Board .
  • Tutorials - A Board to post useful Tutorials and tricks .
  • Help Threads - Used mostly by users to request tutorials and help .

External Links Edit

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