Open World (Sonic Universe)
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Sonic Universe



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  • Angel Island
  • City
  • Mystic Ruins
  • Egg Fleet
  • Desert
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Difficulty Extremely Easy
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Open World,also known as Hub World is the first level in Sonic Universe and it's only accessible from Single-Player menu,the Song used for this level is from DragonBall Z : Infinite World.

This level allows player to go to any of the stages available in the game or Hang out with NPCs (Cream, Big, Vector) Player will be taken to this stage after completing any action stage so he can go to another stage

Before going to another stage ,player will be asked if he wants to switch character by pressing "K" or to go to the stage by pressing "Enter"

If Player selected tails as a character,he can Ride the Tornado after pressing Miiddle mouse button

(More Information will be coming soon)

Tails Tornado

The Tornado is a Plane that only the character Tails can ride. Other characters are unable to ride it .

Angel Island StagesEdit

These Stages are the Grassland Stages.

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Sonic Universe DLC - Open World - Cream's Emblem Charge

Sonic Universe DLC - Open World - Cream's Emblem Charge

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Sonic Universe - Open World