LS5 Engine 2 - Gameplay

LS5 Engine 2 - Gameplay

LinkSonic5 Engine 2 or LS5E2 for short, is an abandoned Blitz Sonic project, Development of engine started back in 2012 and stopped back in 2014, However it was surprisingly released back in 2014 by RunnyPilot GAMER after he was given the engine by Arrow/Sci Dust in an incomplete state, Other features were planned by Arrow but for some reason the project was Doomed.

Features Edit

Besides the Realistic control feel, these are other features included in LS5 Engine 2 :

  • 2 Playable characters .
  • Great motion blur and shading .
  • Over 10 new objects .
  • 8 DIfferent Sonic skills .
  • Stage teleports .
  • Can Import Custom Stages/Characters
  • Stage animation support . .
  • Damage receiving system, causing players to drop their rings after being touched by enemies or Spikes .

Planned Features Edit

With the project dropped, the features below were never completed :

  • Tails can fly without time limit
  • Most of Tails's animations are missing
  • Knuckles is missing
  • Multiplayer mode only supports 2 Players
  • Multiplayer mode doesn't sync gamestate
  • Beta game menu

Debug Features Edit

  • P - Copy player position to use for Objects in "Stage.XML" .
  • R - Copy player rotation to use for Objects in "Stage.XML" .
  • M - Moon-jump, Hold down the button for Higher jump .
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