In order to Play Genesis Redux Project online with your friends there are few basics you should know and few Steps you need to follow before you join or Host :

Hosting a new Server Edit

The next step-by step guides will teach you how do you Host a Multiplayer server for Genesis Redux Project,if you're looking for admin commands Click here

  • Internet Server

1 - Forward the Port 4875,or use Hamachi

2 - Go to "Genesis_Redux_Project_1.0.1.3\Dedicated server" and Double Click "Genesis Redux Project - Dedicated Server (Version 1.0.1).exe"

3 - Now give your IP Address to people you wish to play with, If you don't know What's your IP Use the next Website, If you're using Hamachi copy the IPv4 from Hamachi window .

  • Lan Server

1 - Open "Genesis Redux Project"

2 - Click "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu

3 - Type the name of Stage you wish to play

4 - Click on "Create"

Joining a Server Edit

File:Genesis Redux Project (Version 1.0.1) 2015-03-16 09-54-31-721.jpg

Before joining a server you need to know which stage is it currently running,Ask the Server owner then :

1 - Type the name of current stage in "Stage" gap (You need the Appropriate stage to be in "Stages" folder)

2 - Write the Server's IP Address .

3 - Click "Connect"

Make sure to type the Stage's right name or the correct IP Address or you'll be timed out of server .

Setting up Player Edit

Before Joining Edit

You can set up your player physics and change your in-game name by clicking on "Option" on the buttom Right button,you can also select the Skin you wish to use while playing by typing it's folder name in the gap between the buttons "Back" and "Options"

After Joining (Alt) Edit

If you joined a Multplayer game Server and you cannot change your name, You can simply do it with a Chat command, In chat send /nick followed by your New name

Example : /Nick "Im a Player"

In-game Options and Commands Edit

While "GRP" does not yet have a Useful Pause menu,it is recommanded that you take a look at Commands page to see what things can you do or setup after joining a game .