Omega the Robot
Game appearances

Sonic Universe

Sonic World R5 

Blitz Sonic Ultra (Download)

BlitzSonic Heroes


Egg Pawn (Char)

  • Robot
  • Red Eyes
  • Red, black, yellow, green, silver (sometimes white)
  • Eggman Empire
  • The Ultimate E-Series Robot

E-123 Ω, commonly referred to as Omega, is a renegade E-Series robot first introduced in Sonic Heroes. The last of Dr. Robotnik's discontinued E-100 Series, Omega was consigned to storage by the Doctor for the express purpose of preventing Shadow the Hedgehog's release from captivity. However, Omega harbours a deep resentment towards his creator for sealing him inside an obscure facility, and has not only completely rejected his initial mission, but seeks to take revenge in the way one might expect for a combat droid: destroying all Eggman's robots and the Eggman himself.