Since the release of Sonic World R6, the method of loading the stages has been changed which means you need to apply some changes to your stage to make it work with the newer version

How-to do it Edit

  1. Create a new folder inside your stage folder and name it "Media", this will contain Music files and thumbnail that will be used as a Background for your stage .
  2. Put your song inside that folder and name it "hero", You can duplicate the file of that song 2 more times and name those 2 file "dark" and "cute" if you want other characters to use it besides Sonic Team characters (Such as Dark Team) , Or use a different song for each team .
  3. Capture a .PNG Screenshot to your map , name it "thumbnail" and Save it to "media" folder inside the Stage's folder, sometimes Stage creators may provide a .PNG with their maps , you can rename it to thumbnail and put inside "media" folder (Recommended Thumbnail Resolution is 320x240) .

Additional Infos Edit

Each character in Sonic World belongs to a specific team just like it's predecessor BlitzSonic Heroes was, You can set a song to play for each Character by renaming it to :

  • Dark : Song name for Dark Team characters .
  • Cute : Song name for Rose Team characters .
  • Hero : Song name for Sonic Team and rest of Characters .