Blitz Sonic LVL Editor is a level editing tool made by (3DSawnikku) and Gistix ,it was designed specifically to make object placement in BlitzSonic stages easier, It allows the User to move arround the selected stage and Place,move,Rotate or remove any object.

So far only one version with only one game Support was Released, latest version Released was v2.0 as a Patch for v1.9 and it Supports Sonic Blast Adventure, However it can easily be used to Place objects in any BlitzSonic based game .

Instructions Edit

1 - From Toolbar click "file" then Press "open"

2 - Select the Stage you want to edit (Entire stage folder,not only Meshs folder)

Controls Edit

  • WASD - Move arround the Stage
  • Arrow keys - Move selected object
  • M - Switch mode (Rotation,Positioning)
  • O - Create object
  • R - Resets object Position to default (0,0,0)
  • Backspace - Remove selected object
  • Left Mouse button - Select an object
  • Right Mouse button - Look arround

Shortcuts Edit

  • Ctrl+O - Open a Stage
  • Ctrl+S - Save

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