BlitzSonic Freerunner is a mod of BlitzSonic that was intended to be a complete game, with a unique freeroaming style of gameplay. The game was featured in SAGE 2012, and became open sourced when the project moved onto Unity3D. Both versions of the engine have been cancelled, the last version being BlitzSonic Freerunner 1.4.1.

Key Features:Edit

Features of the game

  • Freeroaming stages
  • Tighter controls
  • Homing attack, rolling, light dash
  • Sonic Colors model
  • Shields
  • Title screen and level select
  • Goal and results screen
  • Cheat codes
  • Checkpoints
  • LOD models
  • Collectibles (chaos drives)


No stages were released, only test stages are known to exist. The following is an official list of planned stages

  • Cascade Grove Zone (formerly Splashing Springs Zone)
  • Alpine Eruption Zone
  • Bumper Boulevard Zone
  • Floral Springs Zone
  • Deserted Ridge Zone
  • Windy Ruins Zone
  • Transit Metropolis Zone
  • Cosmic Armada


  • AzukaraMegaDriver (creator, artist, story, director)
  • CarrierHack (coder, modeler)
  • EightBitDragon (coder, modeler)
  • SonicFreak94 (coder)
  • ATHBucket (modeler)
  • OzCrashSonic (modeler)
  • Death72 (artwork, 2D graphics)
  • Ritz190 (music)
  • DJ Max-E (music)
  • AngelXWind (website)


"Sonic Freerunner ended development on the Blitz Sonic engine in late 2011, after beginning in early 2010. In respect for the dead, we shall release SFR development pre-alpha build 1.3 to the public soon. But in the meantime, alas, we knew thee well, Blitz Sonic!

From here onward, we have moved development to Unity. And thus, a new era of Freerunner has begun! We went through some rough times with the Blitzsonic build(s), but we made it through, and this is forever it's resting spot, for archiving purposes. Shall history be remembered, mistakes be corrected, and may progress storm along better than ever!

Rest in peace, Blitz Sonic Freerunner. (ispitonyourgrave,Unity4evurlol)"


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